Webinar Online Introduction & Training

Our Upcoming Webinars & Trainings

April, 2024 (UAE Region)

CCTV, Intercom, ACS

Surveillance, Security, VMS

May, 2024 (UAE Region)

Hospitality & Smart Locks

Switches, WIFI Networks

June, 2024 (UAE Region)

Parking Management, Parking Guidance

Hospitality Telephone

July, 2024 (UAE Region)

Data Center, Infrastructure, Racks

Magic Mirror, Digital Signage

Objectives of Training

Objective 1: Empower participants with advanced expertise in data center management and infrastructure maintenance to drive sales by offering comprehensive solutions, including rack installation, airflow optimization, and efficient issue resolution.

Objective 2: Amplify sales opportunities through staff proficiency in security and surveillance systems implementation, enabling seamless integration into parking management, hospitality telephony, and digital signage, while ensuring robust management of active switches and Wi-Fi networks.