Technology in Education

Today digital technology is revolutionizing the way we learn and teach. From primary school to higher education, students are more engaged and improve achievement by using laptops, tablets, and other smart technology in the classroom. As the trend of technology use in the classroom & Labs increases, there is a need to deliver solutions that help achieve an immersive, engaging, and pro-active learning environment. Microlink Networks empowering students to engage with educational technology? Our award-winning solutions can help to enhance classroom productivity through digital signage, wireless presentation and video sharing technologies, by adding giga network infrastructures.

The cloud computing are being seen in organizations and foundations regardless of how you look at it, with just about 90 percent of the associations utilizing some sort of cloud-based application.

Microlink Networks Solutions

Educational Institute Data centers need fast, reliable, seamless connectivity to meet the growing demands of 5G, edge computing and an evolving cloud. With Microlink Networks exceptional knowledge and experience as a leader who helps set industry standards, we can deliver quality, reliability and repeatability to bring dependable designs to life quickly and at scale to future-proof your data center. From consolidation and cost control to quick deployment and zero downtime, you can count on Microlink Networks to help you solve your data center challenges.