High Quality


Finest Precision


  • Patented aluminum extruded 6063-T5 welded frame with steel doors and panels rated at 2,500 LBS with bolt down base
  • Matches popular Martin Enclosures
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Designed for In Row data center applications
  • Height and depth of PDE can vary to match server cabinets
  • Locking front and rear doors
  • 120/280 VAC four wire plus ground input
  • Delivered assembled and tested
  • Removable access panels
  • 84 or 168 breaker positions
  • 200% rated neutral
  • Universal panel boards
  • Easy access cable management in lower front and rear of enclosures
  • Top and/or bottom cable landing
  • ETL listed
  • 84 breaker position enclosure
  • 168 breaker position enclosure
  • Reduces the amount of expensive seal tight cables required
  • Reduces labor for installing new circuits
  • Reduces under floor and overhead cable clutter
  • Can expand existing power distribution systems
  • Increases cooling airflow under raised floor
  • Easier to add server cabinets to existing row
  • Can be used in raised floor, reduced height and non-raised floor applications
  • Supports contractor installed receptacles feeding vertical plug strips in server cabinets
  • Supports better cable housekeeping
  • A single PDE can feed non-adjacent rows with the wire management feature
  • Available in input configurations for:
    • 208/120v, WYE 3-phase, up to 225A
    • 400/230v, WYE 3-phase, up to 225A
    • 480v DELTA to 208/120v WYE 3-phase, up to 45 kva

Data center managers, facility managers and design engineers now have a power distribution system available that will reduce circuit costs, increase flexibility and complement reliability improvements.

MICROLINK Power Distribution Enclosures (PDE) with integrated wire management reduces seal tight cable costs and the need for external raceways. The wire management is located in the lower front and rear of the Power Distribution Enclosures and server cabinets for easy access to power circuits. Additional enclosures can easily be added to an existing row. Traditional bottom or top cable landings serve non-adjacent Microlink Enclosures, various brand enclosures and stand alone systems.

The Microlink Power Distribution Enclosures with integrated wire management can be installed in raised floor, reduced height floor and non-raised floor environments.