Government Solutions

With increasing electronic payment options and the continued focus on operational efficiencies, government agencies face the same business challenges as any other organization. 

Core Solutions

  • Unified Communications and Control
  • Perimeter intrusion detection and surveillance
  • Long Distance, Surveillance Camera Systems
  • Video analytics
  • Alarm and Communications Integration
  • Enterprise Video Management Software
  • Transportation Video Security Systems
  • Scalable Video Storage Solutions
  • Data Centers
  • Network Services

Payments Systems

New payment technology has given rise to convenient online payment capabilities, person-to-person payments, and advanced mobile functionality. At the same time, more sophisticated Security challenges, money laundering, and authentication opportunities abound making security and risk prevention paramount.

City Surveillance

MICROLINK’S city surveillance solutions not only help to deter crimes, accidents, and vandalism. They also improve traffic management efficiency while still capturing forensic evidence. Through a variety of camera offerings, our solutions for city surveillance can maintain constant, detailed coverage.