Power Distribution.

Here at Microlink Networks, we have a large line of standard power distribution products including vertical PDUs, rack mount PDUs, Power Distribution Enclosures, as well as accessories such as bus bars, grounding kits, and power cables. We also specialize in custom power solutions that may be specific to your application. We promotes greater efficiency in data centers and offers a line of power management options to suit your needs.

Intelligent PDUs.

Microlink Networks offers an extensive line of intelligent PDU and KVM solutions. Intelligent PDU features give the user the ability to remote switch and remote monitor. Not only does the PX models offer power distribution, they also provide real-time monitoring, environmental sensors, data center infrastructure management, and much more.

Server Rack Power Distribution.

It is an important step to choose a server rack power distribution solution appropriate for your application that will measure and monitor your power usage accurately and effectively. Nothing is more important than a reliable supply of power. It is crucial that your complex server and software system operates when it is supposed to. We have a large line of vertical and rackmount PDUs. When laying out your rack design, you need to think about your cable routing and where you want your power supply located.

Power Distribution Enclosure.

Power Distribution Enclosure brings the RPP to the Data Center row, enabling easier cable routing to in row server racks. Data center managers, facility managers and design engineers now have a power distribution system available that will reduce circuit costs, increase flexibility and complement reliability improvements. Power Distribution Enclosures (PDE) with integrated wire management reduces seal tight cable costs and the need for external raceways. The wire management is located in the lower front and rear of the Power Distribution Enclosures and server cabinets for easy access to power circuits.