Healthcare Demand Innovative Network Infrastructure

MICROLINK provides industry-leading infrastructure solutions that enable technology-driven medical facilities to use digital image transfers, electronic health records, surgical robots, and other connected devices. Technology is driving change in healthcare delivery and healthcare networks and the demands placed on the infrastructure that supports them.

Robust Infrastructure

A robust infrastructure ensures healthcare networks can support modern technology needs. Category 6A to Category 7A Copper Cabling from Panduit delivers big performance in small size and offers the industry’s best thermal properties for Power over Ethernet.

Data Security

Modern Infrastructure for Stronger Data Security, Network Visibility, and Device Management. With Connection’s Healthcare Infrastructure Solutions, you can deploy security automation technologies to protect your data, manage all of your mobile devices across the network, and migrate seamlessly to various cloud environments.

Connection’s healthcare IT

Connection’s healthcare IT experts have spent more than a decade helping organizations upgrade their infrastructure to secure patient data and improve network capabilities.