Oil & Gas

Infrastructure Solutions for Oil and Gas Industries

MICROLINK’S engineering, operations, and maintenance experts customize advanced technologies to reduce costs, optimize assets, ensure compliance, and increase efficiency for your fuel systems and facilities.

Infrastructure Features

Oil and gas infrastructure refers to the building facilities, installations, and equipment required by energy companies to run their operations. Upstream oil and gas producers need infrastructure to explore and extract energy resources. Midstream producers have the infrastructure to refine and process fuel. Downstream producers use infrastructure to deliver and sell oil and gas to retail organizations.

Video Surveillance

MICROLINK site protection solution includes cameras for surveillance inside buildings, explosion-proof cameras for high-risk zones, and day/night cameras. Digital encoding and compression enable the transfer of images over an IP LAN or WAN, while image analysis technology is used to detect abnormal situations, such as people or vehicles in a restricted zone.

Telecom Solutions

Prepare for tomorrow’s networking with an expert who is leading the industry to faster and faster speeds. MICROLINK designs & develops complete telecommunication and networking solutions for even the fastest networks, minimizing space by integrating RF, optical, copper, and backplane into a solution customized for your project. With a full range of antenna capabilities and unrivaled expertise, MICROLINK will help you to develop a next-generation telecom solution that’s faster, smaller, and more efficient. Learn how to get started.