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Microlink Networks Certification

The Certified Installerâ„¢ Program is a reseller program that forms a partnership and loyalty between installers and Microlink Networks. By signing up as an certified installer, your company will receive exclusive privileges directly from Microlink Networks. Also by advancing to a Certified Designer, you will also qualify to offer a lifetime performance limited warranty with your cabling installations.

Certified Installer 1

Certified Installer

✔ Company Membership

CI Membership stays with the company

✔ No Cost

Free membership, simply sign up using the registration form

✔ Lifetime Membership Term

Enjoy a lifetime of Certified
Installer benefits. See below for all
the included benefits!

✔ 15-Year Warranty

Offer 15-Year Limited Performance
Warranty without certification.

✔ No Renewal Fees

Elite Installer never expire as long as you purchase Microlink Networks.

Certied Designer

Certified Designer

✔ Company Membership

CD membership stays with the company

✔ $199 Initial Enrollment Fee

Includes one free MT training and license ($199 value)

✔ 5 Year Membership Term

Enjoy five years of Certified Designer benefits.
See below for all the included benefits!

✔ Lifetime Warranty

Offer Lifetime Performance Limited Warranty
with certification and at least one Certified
Designer and Installer on staff.

✔ $ 99 Renewal

Includes one free MT training and
five year license renewal ($99 value)

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