Smart X DC


Smart-x DC Data Center solutions; Data Centers, which stand out with their design and new technology; 
stands out with its low cost, fast installation, and energy efficiency. Microlink Networks DC is the right and low-cost product for your solutions

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Branches of financial institutions (Banks, Agencies, etc.)
Data centers that require Quick Setup
Branches of state institutions and organizations (Police, Army, Schools, Electricity, Water companies, etc.)
Companies looking to connect to the cloud instead of investing in a large data center


Fast on-site installation: Installation and use immediately upon delivery, thanks to the ready-to-use integrated product.
Low Installation Cost: It significantly reduces the initial investment cost compared to Traditional Data Centers.
Increased Energy Efficiency: Significantly reduces cooling and power operation costs
Adaptable System Structure: It can be easily customized according to your cooling and power needs.
Energy Saving: You do not need to cool the entire IT room, only a Smart X DC cabinet cooling system with the same brand of air conditioner
Modular System: Smart X DC structure that can be added in line with the increase in Data Center needs.
Portable: Smart DC can be easily moved to different locations thanks to its castable feature.
Security: Keeps data of high importance in a secure environment. Increases data and hardware protection.
Fire: It guarantees 7/24 business continuity with integrated fire detection-extinguishing and environment monitoring (EMS) systems.
Maintenance: The possibility of minimizing data center maintenance labor and costs thanks to its compact structure.
Plug and play System: Limited Operation Factory ready-to-install system with all components and tests.
Standardization: Standard solution for all your branches. It limits the risk of human errors and reduces operating and maintenance costs.
Reduces the need for IT Personnel: You do not need to have an IT specialist for each location.
Remote Access: Smart X DC, Data Center can be remotely controlled wherever you are with IP infrastructure.
Economical Solution for Small Business: You do not have to worry about complex Data Center design and installation work.
Carrying Capacity: The Smart-XDC Smart X Data Center has a carrying capacity of 1500kg.