Singlemode Fiber Optic Pigtails


MICROLINK pigtails are suitable for telecommunication networks, data processing networks, FTTX, FTTH, and some critical applications. The pigtails provide flexible connections inside passive equipment, patch panels, ODFs, and closures. We offer a diverse range of single-fiber ferrule connectors which are manufactured with precision factory mounting and polishing techniques to assure high transmission quality.


  • G.657.A2 Compliant.
  • Tested on optical performance insertion loss and return Loss.
  • 0.9mm cable for high-density splicing applications.
  • UPC and APC polish type.
  • PVC jacket as default, OFNP, and LSZH are optional.
  • Tight buffer for easy fusion or mechanical splicing.
  • 25 years system warranty.
  • LC, ST, SC, FC, and LSH are available.