CAT7 – Screened


MICROLINK provides GHMT-verified Category 7 Keystone Jacks support the high frequency up to 600MHz, which is 2 times the bandwidth compared with Category 6A. The CAT7 network solutions can support up to 90-100 meters such servers, switches, and other devices in data centers. Following the ANSI/TIA-568.2-D standard, the new CAT7 modular jack designed by the full zinc die-casting housing eliminates the alien crosstalk successfully. The slim impact CAT7 Ethernet telecommunication connector can be applied with a 1U 48 port feed-through high-density panel in one rack unit. The CAT7 connector can work with CAT7 solid patch cord or category 7 24AWG stranded factory-assembled and tested patch cables in a limited of 90 -100m.


  • Fits 1U 24 port and 1U 48 port keystone panels.
  • Reliable and stable quality.
  • GHMT CAT.7 channel performance verified.
  • 25 Year system warranty
  • Support Class E/category 7 standards networks
  • Terminates 24AWG to 26AWG cables
  • 360° Screen die-cast housing
  • Toolless termination design