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Ultra High Density Panel

Ultra High Density Panel

Ultra-High Density Chassis Panels.

Features and benefits
  • Available in 1U, 2U and 4U height variants
  • Most efficient rack utilization (72 x ports per 1U)
  • Fast installation of modules from front or rear
  • Fast moves, adds and changes (lower OPEX)
  • Easy and fast migration to 40G, 100G and beyond
  • Future-proofed with super low-loss connectivity
  • Wide range of modules (MPO-LC transition, pigtail splicing, patching, tap-monitoring and MPO conversion)
  • Excellent patch cord routing and guidance
  • Clear port identification and traceability
  • Robust and secure steel construction
Ultra Hight Density Panels
MK-UHD1U-12 19" UHD Chassis 4 modules per row, 12 modules total 1U
MK-UHD2U-24 19" UHD Chassis 4 modules per row, 24 modules total, 2U
MK-UHD4U-48 19" UHD Chassis 4 modules per row, 48 modules total, 4U
Ultra High Density Chassis Panels

HD LGX Modular Panels.

Features and benefits
  • Robust and reliable
  • Uses industry approved 19" design and LGX style modules
  • Flexible, multi-functional solution for different types of connectivity
  • High Density combined with ease of installation and maintenance
  • No disturbance of existing connections during installation or re-work
  • Recess able mounting brackets
  • HD LGX Modular Panels
    HD LGX Modular Panels
    MK-UHD1U-12 1U MT Modular patch panel for 3 modules, Sliding Panel 1U
    MK-UHD2U-24 Gland holder for all MT panels 1U
    MK-UHD4U-48 3U High density MT Modular patch panel for 12 modules 3U
    LG LGX Modular Panels

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